Apartment 2

The apartment is about 25m² and is on the first floor with a view of the Danube.


The apartment consists of a large bedroom/living room, a small bathroom with shower and a separate toilet. The orientation is to the east (morning sun), a lot of light enters the apartment through the large windows. The apartment can be darkened well.


In the apartment there is a bed, a table with a chair, as well as a microwave oven, kettle and a small fridge.


The bathroom is equipped with a sink and shower. The toilet is in an external area in the corridor, but is only accessible to the apartment owner. Sufficient towels are available.

Brief information about the appartment:




                    coffee machine (capsules)


                    plates and cutlery

                    towels and bedding

                    wet room with shower and sink


Size: approx. 25m² with balcony

Prof. Mag. Martin und Gabriele Pamer Schachner

Check-in nur nach Terminvereinbarung 10-17h

Check-out 10h

Appartement Donaublick, Kirchengasse 2 / Ecke Schulstaße 1, 4040 Linz

Appartement Fidlergut Depandance, Steinbruch,  4120 Neufelden

Prof. Mag. Pamer und Mitbesitzer
Hausverwaltung aller Anlagen

Tel: 07282 56335

Tel: 0043 (0)676 93 66 946