Apartment 1

The apartment is about 75 -120m² and is on the second floor with a view of the Danube.


The apartment consists of a large eat-in kitchen, two bedrooms, a small bathroom with shower and toilet. The orientation is to the east (morning sun), a lot of light enters the apartment through the large windows. On the balcony you can soak up the good morning sun. The bedrooms can be darkened well.


In the apartment there is a dining table with chairs and a fully equipped kitchenette with everything you need for cooking. Wicker chairs and other seating are provided


The bathroom is equipped with a washbasin and a shower/bathtub combination and a toilet. Sufficient towels are available.

Brief information about the appartment:


                    apartment with either 1 or 2 bedrooms

                    kitchen with oven and hob



                    plates and cutlery

                    towels and bedding

                    shower, sink and toilet


Size: approx. 75 -120 sqm with a balcony

Prof. Mag. Martin und Gabriele Pamer Schachner

Check-in nur nach Terminvereinbarung 10-17h

Check-out 10h

Appartement Donaublick, Kirchengasse 2 / Ecke Schulstaße 1, 4040 Linz

Appartement Fidlergut Depandance, Steinbruch,  4120 Neufelden

Prof. Mag. Pamer und Mitbesitzer
Hausverwaltung aller Anlagen

Tel: 07282 56335

Tel: 0043 (0)676 93 66 946